Die historischen Entstehungsbedingungen des Mahayana-Buddhismus (German Edition)

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The project shall investigate visual strategies elaborated in early modern Europe in order to facilitate communication between Christians and non-Christians …. The regular, sometimes daily ritual for divine cult statues in Egypt, Greece and other regions of the ancient Mediterranean goes ….

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The project concentrates on the evolution and present dynamics of two conflicting religious cosmologies in East Tibet: the Tibetan indigenous …. The research to be carried out during the project will continue on-going investigations into the interaction between the Germanic and …. Die erste Phase des Projektes ist einer Fallstudie unter dem Arbeitstitel "Erfahrene oder gezwungene coincidentia oppositorum?

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There is a good deal of research in this field, both in Arabic and in European languages. This research output …. The Yezidi religious tradition, both sacred texts and priestly learning, has been transmitted orally in a non- or semi-literate milieu …. Focusing on issues of gender and sexual difference as schemes for reconfiguring Islamic normativity, the project studies the shaping of …. Ausgehend von der "Erfindung" von "Religion" in der Mitte des Jahrhunderts soll der Bedeutung des Fehlens eines modernen Begriffs ….

The research topic of this project is the examination of the representations of the gods and supernatural mixed beings of ….

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Kaum anderswo trafen seit archaischer Zeit unterschiedliche Religionen so unmittelbar aufeinander wie im Mittelmeerraum. Understanding of the religions of the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia has been transformed over the last years by …. In the 16th century, when the Jesuits first reached South India, they discovered that its religious landscape was too …. During the period of the fellowship I was hoping to deepen my research focus on "Religion and Art? Contemporary Interpretations …. Eine historische Darstellung der Entwicklung von Schlangensymbolik und Schlangenkulten im Vorderen Orient bei gleichzeitiger Beachtung der Entfaltung kosmologischer Vorstellungen soll ….

Architecture, especially religious architecture, is a means to negotiate the threshold between the Profane and the Sacred, between immanence and …. This research project deals with the institutional transformations that Islam is undergoing in Germany. The study focuses on several empirical ….

This project is a long-term research endeavor whose chief aim is to shed light on the sources, structure, function, and …. Alexander the Great, conqueror, second Achilles and self-proclaimed son of a god, is one of the most prominent common heroes …. This project will examine Jewish, Christian, and Muslim imaginings about the ten lost tribes in conjunction with the development of …. Jewish communities have existed on Georgian territory since the turn of the first and second centuries AD.

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Soon thereafter, in …. This book-project, tentatively entitled 'Global Catholic Missions and the Expansion of Europe, ', will analyze the relationship between the maritime …. Es ist die Absicht des Projekts, anhand der Arbeiten der anderen Teilprojekte des Internationalen Kollegs tertia comparationis zu erarbeiten, auf ….

This research project aims at investigating the role of pictorial representations of Buddhist legendary accounts as possible conveyors of information …. The research project will focus on the interaction between the spheres of popular religiosity and the religion defined and controlled …. The discipline of medieval French literature has been slower than others compared to other European languages or to fields other …. The place of martyrdom within late medieval Latin Christianity has received relatively little attention.

Scholars such as James Ryan have …. This project situates the beginning of China's modern conception of "religion" in the context of the nineteenth-century mission encounter. Rather …. When the Iberian Peninsula became part of the Umayyad Caliphate in the 8th century, the response to Islam by Byzantine ….

Much more than documents.

Dieses Projekt will nicht allein nach sprachlichen und inhaltlichen Motiven der Mysterien im Neuen Testament fragen. Es soll den Befunden …. Um die Perspektivbegrenzung des Religionsbegriffes westlicher Genese zu unterlaufen, unternimmt dieses Projekt, die Geschichte der koreanischen Auseinandersetzung mit dem Christentum …. Exploring texts of Nyang ral nyi ma 'od zer's seminal bKa' brgyad bde gshegs 'dus pa Eightfold Buddha Word, …. Anti-Westernism, both in its historical and contemporary forms, is a widespread and multi-dimensional phenomenon with a variety of manifestations e.

The imperial and religious projects of the Portuguese in early modern Asia brought about some of the earliest sustained contacts …. Inspired by the religious dynamics model formulated by the KHK and drawing on work in new materialism, actor-network-theory, and science …. My research studies the transformation of Yezidi oral religious tradition into a bookish religion in Northern Iraq, triggered by the …. Anhand der "Tempelreinigungsperikope" rekonstruiert …. Hebrew anti-Christian polemical literature represents a rather rigid genre, most of the texts being written as polemical compendia where repeating ….

This project aims to analyse the use of garments in the early-modern Jesuit mission in Japan , both in official ….

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Jahrhundert behandeln. Ausgangspunkt ist …. This project focuses on ritualizations of scriptures that effect the senses of sight, touch, and taste, or, at least, kiss.


The aim of the project is to analyze the place and role of senses in the philosophical framework of Confucian …. This project develops the concept of social forgetting by examining its relation with changing sacred landscapes. The researcher enquires into …. This project explores the question of continuity in the Abrahamic religious traditions and their common heritage. Therefore, Judaism, Christianity and …. In , J. The project is directed at the design of an integrated theory of action and language, using the paradigm of interpretation …. The problem of studying the syncretistic religious traditions deals with transferring and preserving of ancient knowledge in Islamic mystical institutions, ….

In , American warships appeared off the coast of Japan. Ultimately, the Americans forced the Japanese government to sign a …. Taoism has always emphasized mental serenity and has maintained that good effects will come about from it. We wanted to absorb this atmosphere and to open all of our senses to the rhythm that surrounded us.

We had the feeling that we were creating something wonderful and lasting. The accompanying inspiration and idealism encouraged us to stay in our studios for many hours and work, in spite of the poverty, cold, and humidity. Paris hatte einen anderen Rhythmus, wir alle bewegten uns zu einem langsameren Takt, einem weitreichenden, nachdenklich stimmenden und besinnlichen Takt.

Die Leute hatten mehr Freizeit und dachten sich nichts dabei, zwei Stunden zu Mittag zu essen oder einen kleinen Raum aufzusuchen, um dort mitten am Tag Liebe zu machen. Paris had a different rhythm; we all moved to a slower beat that was expansive, contemplative and reflective. People had more free time and they found it normal to spend two hours eating lunch or to go to a small room and make love there in the middle of the day.

Man muss von innen heraus malen, und das tust du in den meisten deiner Werke. Ich habe einige besonders wertvolle Bilder von dir. Ein wirklich gutes Werk ist die beste Investition, denn selbst wenn es gestohlen wird, kann niemand damit handeln. It is important to paint what is inside of you, and that is what you do in most of your works.

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The project …. Bea Lundt Sennewald, Jens E. My research studies the transformation of Yezidi oral religious tradition into a bookish religion in Northern Iraq, triggered by the …. The first is a look at each of these variants throughput of TCP when only one particular variant of the work in the network. Inspired by Volta's pile he proposed the first theory of water electrolysis, which was published in in Rome. Harold Rosenberg wrote for it in , and soon, also, Clement Greenberg.