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The Novels: Volume Two
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My main issue, just like with book one, is that it's too long. I mean that it needed to be edited down smaller. It's so bogged down with atmosphere and seemingly meaningless details, but because of the way that Pullman writes, you are forced to bog through all of it tediously, just in case it ends up being important later or so that you don't skip over a tiny paragraph that is astoundingly important. I feel drained after reading it, and honestly, again, just like with book one, allllll those words, but not much has actually happened yet.

Which brings me to another thing. Fucking Will. Pullman, you old bastard, quit teasing me with Will. Throughout this book, Will was hinted at several times, all in small ways but they showed just how important he still remains to Lyra after all these years. That leads me to believe that there's hope of my frickety fracking OTP getting together in the end. But I'm sure, after getting to know a little more about how this author's mind works after sloughing through his books, that it's all just a setup to leave us heartbroken.

I bet they'll never find each other again Okay, maybe I'm going a little overboard. Back to topic. I found myself growing more and more bored in the beginning.

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Luckily, I had access to the audiobook through the library, because the excited performance of whoever the fuck read this book to me, saved it. He made it much more exciting than it really was for the most part.


Kindle Price: inclusive of all taxes includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet. Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited. TORMENT: A DARK ROMANCE (PART TWO) (Tremble Book 2) - Kindle After the third book even if the story is great, I tend to stop caring and move on to other.

I feel like I'm repeating myself now, so I'mma wrap this up soon, but I feel like there were just so many pointless parts and characters that didn't add to the story. I don't think so. But, I'mma use this as a lesson for my own writing, because I too tend to overwrite at times. Thank you Philip Pullman, for instilling in me the importance of editing down and killing my darlings.

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Now if only your own editor would be a little more strict with you. Writing-wise though, of course it was well written. What else could we expect from one of the genius, mad scientist looking masters of the writing craft? I feel a little, okay maybe a lot, better about this series after reading book two here, but it's still not the story that I was hoping for.

That's my problem though. The author is not at all being forced to write to suit anybody but himself. Here's to hoping book three leads me to Will and Lyra. Bye bye now! See you in another 30 years when book three comes out. La Belle Sauvage was my biggest disappointment of , and yet I keep obsessively checking for the release date for this book.

I really hope it comes out this year. I wants it, Precious. And I wants it to be good. Oct 10, Meg rated it it was ok Shelves: high-anticipation.

The Book of Dust Vol 1: La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman review – worth the wait

Northern Lights is quite possibly my favourite book of all time, and I actually really liked La Belle Sauvage despite the mixed reviews it got, so I was pretty confident that I'd love The Secret Commonwealth. Grown-up Lyra?? I pre-ordered it and started reading it the minute it landed in my Kindle. I really didn't like it. Judging from the reviews on here, I'm in the minority, and I'm not mad about that. I love the world of His Dark Materials and I will always admire Pullman as one of my all-time favourite writers, so the more people enjoy this book, the better.

But I was absolutely astonished by how lifeless this book was. I was amazed at the transformation of Lyra from my all-time favourite heroine into a flat, dislikable character. On some level, I get it.

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It's actually very relatable - Lyra's character arc explores difficult themes of growing up into a person you don't like, of realizing that your child-self would be horrified and disappointed by the person you've become, of being quite literally at war with oneself, which is a struggle that many of us go through when we enter our early twenties. It definitely resonated with me.

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I don't want this to be her arc. I want eleven-year-old Lyra back, with her fire and grit and wild lies.

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Malcom is another character that I felt got flattened and squished by this book. I loved kid-Malcom in La Belle Sauvage.

Ihre Vorteile

He was brilliant and curious and wise beyond his years. Adult Malcom, though, I barely have any adjectives to describe. I mean, eleven years isn't a crazy age gap, but still There wasn't really rising tension or a climax - random things just seemed to happen, one after another. I'm really in disbelief at how let down I feel by this book, but of course I'll still eagerly await the next book, and of course Pullman is still one of my favourites. Something about this one just really rubbed me the wrong way.

View all 12 comments. Sara Coleman You are not on your own. I am so disappointed with this book and I regret reading it. I have loved everything else Pullman has writeen, from Clockwork You are not on your own. I have loved everything else Pullman has writeen, from Clockwork through to his adult novel The Goodman Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ. Shannon I left a similar review but this is exactly how I feel.

In the last two chapters or so, everything feels rushed after so many pages of shifting perspe I left a similar review but this is exactly how I feel. In the last two chapters or so, everything feels rushed after so many pages of shifting perspectives of filler characters and almost no real mention of dust and how it relates to the roses. Oct 28, Celeste rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , speculative , portal-fantasy , young-adult.

This second installment fast forwards to years after the events of the original trilogy, when Lyra is grown, having just tipped over the cusp of adulthood. From there, the plot goes wild. Seeing Lyra as an adult was both thrilling and heartbreaking. Adult Lyra seems like a pale imitation of childhood Lyra, and Pan is incredibly upset about the change. The journeys taken in this book are made all the more poignant for it.

Something that I really love about this book is the multitude of plot lines happening simultaneously but coming across as spokes in the same story instead of separate stories that the reader hopes will come together. The jump from one plot to the next never felt jarring, but like a natural progression in the overarching story.

Unlike La Belle Sauvage , which could technically be read without having first read His Dark Materials , The Secret Commonwealth would be incredibly confusing for readers who have not read both the first trilogy and La Belle Sauvage. The preceding four books are absolutely essential to both the understanding and enjoyment of this book. I was completely enthralled by The Secret Commonwealth , but the ending felt so abrupt that it actually shocked me and left me a little angry.

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Copy to Clipboard. Choices that are different from the norm because his they allow his 'pet' to live while giving into his urges. Warning: as I progress through this book, some of the chapters will contain grapRead the book free on Booksie. As he is leaving, Winston asks O'Brien if they will meet again "in the place where there is no darkness. Jaden and Lily, the two dark diva's once again take you on a dark and twisted rollercoaster ride.

I felt cheated out of witnessing something that the entire novel had been building toward. While I am sure it happened, it did so off screen so to speak. Honestly, I frantically flipped back, hoping I had accidentally skipped a few pages. No such luck. Pullman wrote something wonderful in The Secret Commonwealth , despite the abrupt ending. You can find this review and more at Novel Notions. View 2 comments.

Oct 14, Daniela rated it really liked it.

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