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A hobo is a migrant worker or homeless vagrant, especially one who is impoverished. The term originated in the Western—probably Northwestern— United. a hobo is an itinerant worker, a career which sprang up during the depression. A hobo, unlike a bum or a tramp, is more than willing to work, but mostly for a.

Like his namesake, Huck had a difficult time fitting into society as a teenager. Growing up in a small Christian town in Alabama, with a population of just over 1,, he felt like an outsider in his community. Huck also smoked weed as a teen, which led to a stint in jail that tarnished the reputation of his mother — a local public school teacher. Given the lack of educational or employment opportunities, the year-old packed his bags and headed to California without looking back.

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Hundreds of nights have been spent on the street. There have been countless days of hard labour on farms. Almost unwittingly, Huck became part of a subculture that began in the late s, back when ex-servicemen searched for work following the Civil War. But after travelling over 2, miles, Huck arrived in California with no connections and no idea of what he was going to do — just driven by the idea that he needed to escape something.

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And every story here begins as the same story. Moylan is the daughter of a Connecticut Slim, a famous hobo from the steam train era. What would you like to know? The walls are lined with these paintings of past royalty, including legends like Iowa Blackie and Bo Grump. Groups When booking more than 9 rooms, different policies and additional supplements may apply.

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Report Cinematic Bug Install or enable Adobe Flash Player. The number of people living this way tended to spike during economic crashes, which drove the jobless to go nomadic and seek out temporary work — often location-specific construction and agricultural gigs.


By the early s, the US was home to over half a million hobos, who had to develop clever ways to communicate while on the move. It sounds like the stuff of fiction: secret markings telling fellow vagabonds where to sleep safely or find other useful resources for survival.

Indeed, the fictional TV series Mad Men helped spark viewer curiosity about the reality of this practice just a few years back. But this fictional tale draws from reality.

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Part of the art of living from place to place was avoiding unwanted attention from authorities, so keeping a low profile was key. One way to do this was by leaving coal or chalk marks to indicate things like the presence of barking dogs, generous or hostile homeowners and the availability of food and water around campsites. They had the added benefit of looking innocuous to those not in the know.

In total, Livingston wrote a dozen volumes on his life as a hobo and the culture in general, including ones that explained and systematized hobo communication codes.

Still, given the exaggerated mythologies associated with historic hobo storytellers, Livingston and others may have embellished the extent of this historic communications system. Travelers and rail workers alike also came to leave their names on boxcars, effectively scrawling messages-in-bottles sent to wherever the rails might take them.