On the Western Front: Soldiers Stories from France and Flanders

First World War in Belgium: Monday marks 100 years
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After working in adult education, Peter has been guiding for Leger for over 15 years. Specialises in WW1 and Maginot Line. See all tours. Unfortunately, your search has brought back no results. Please take a look at our list of tours below.

Western Front (World War I) - Wikipedia

Why not take a look at our full list of our tours to Battlefields? Join us for the 80th anniversary of Dunkirk as we attend ceremonies and have our own service of Remembrance at Dunkirk Town Cemetery.

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View all departures 1. Join us as we look at the Panzers and Tanks used in the Battle of the Bulge in , seeing many on the battlefield today.

On the Western Front: Soldier's Stories from France and Flanders

View all departures 2. Departures: Jun - Aug Join our specialist guides on an awe-inspiring journey learning about the Normandy landings, a turning point in WW2, on this impressive tour. View all departures Departures: Mar - Jul A unique tour in conjunction with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, looking at their history in Belgium and France with special visits.

Join us on this very special tour of Remembrance, commemorating the Arnhem Anniversary.

Timeline: The western front

View all departures 6. Departures: Mar - May Departures: Apr - May Travel with us to understand Hitler's last gamble in the West: the Battle of the Bulge.

  • On the Western Front: Soldiers' Stories from France and Flanders, 1914-1918.
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  • Der Wandel der Zeitung vom linearen Objekt zum hypermedialen Produkt unter Berücksichtigung der Online-Zeitung (German Edition).
  • Australians in France | The Australian War Memorial.

Today, the largest WW2 battlefield in Western Europe. Departures: Mar - Jun Join us as we learn about the Retreat to Dunkirk, evacuation from the beaches, and construction of the Atlantic Wall bunkers and V-Weapons. One of the darkest chapters of the 20th century, join us on a journey of Remembrance as we look into heart-wrenching stories of the Holocaust. View all departures 9. Departures: Apr - Jul Combine one of the greatest shows on earth with an exploration of wonderful Scottish scenery on this great-value short break by coach.

Departures: Aug - Aug View all departures 7. Departures: May - Jun A new beer and battlefields tour looking at WW2 in the Ardennes, as well as visiting local breweries and the Leffe Experience!

View all departures 3. Departures: Dec - Nov View all departures 4. Departures: Jul - Jul Discover the wartime history of France from defeat in , to Occupation and Resistance, as well as the dark chapters of the Holocaust. Departures: May - May Join this fascinating anniversary tour of the Battle of Waterloo to attend the annual re-enactment of the battle.

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  • On the Western Front: Soldiers' Stories from France and Flanders, 1914-1918;
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Departures: Mar - Mar This tour takes us off the beaten track as we discover the forgotten battlefields of WW1, covering the battles, Arras and Cambrai in Departures: Feb - Apr New for , walk with us across some lesser-known battlefields of WW1 in northern France, including Fromelles, Loos, Arras, and Cambrai. Departures: Aug - Jul Let us take you off the beaten track as we learn more about the forgotten battles along the eastern corridor of Holland. Departures: Jun - Jun Travel with us during the 75th anniversary year to see some of the forgotten WW2 battlefields in northern Italy, covering the period Join us on the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day as we attend ceremonies in London and look at the build-up to D-Day.

A fascinating insight into the early stages of WW2, visiting Eben Emael and the Maginot Line bunkers, the scene of heavy fighting in Departures: Apr - Apr Departures: Jul - May This anniversary tour commemorates years since the Battle of Loos. Learn about the crucial Battle of France as the German Blitzkrieg swept to victory, the fighting at Arras, as well as the evacuation at Dunkirk.

Departures: Mar - Apr Visiting Arras, Flanders, Ypres and the Somme, this fascinating tour looks at the poetry and literature that emerged from WW1. Departures: Aug - Oct This tour examines the crucial battle for Antwerp in the autumn of , involving British and Canadian soldiers. Departures: Jun - Sep Departures: Jul - Oct This tour explores life behind the Somme front in WW1, including less-visited cemeteries, soldier's graffiti, and new museums.

An exploration of the French and Belgian coast, where so much blood was shed in WW1; hospitals, nurses, women at war, and life behind the lines. Join us as we discover the battlegrounds of Britain's main front line of WW1, covering all four battles of Ypres. Explore the historic battlefields of Waterloo, learning about the end of the Napoleonic Wars on one of our most popular walking tours in Belgium. Departures: May - Sep From air fighting to bombers, join us as we learn about the other WW1 battlefield of the Western Front, the sky above it.

One of the most iconic battles of WW1, join us on a journey of discovery as we visit key sites of the Battle of Passchendaele in Departures: Jun - May This tour visits some of the lesser-known battlefields of Flanders, looking at the Allied contribution to victory in Join us as we follow British and Commonwealth forces in WW2, in the journey they took liberating Normandy, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Discover key battlefield sites of the southern states of the USA, as well as visiting renowned museums relating to the American Civil War.

Join us on a fascinating tour of some WW1 and WW2 battlefield sites of Belgium, tied in with visits to a selection of the best local breweries.

The Way to Flanders Fields

On the Western Front: Soldier's Stories from France and Flanders [John Laffin] on fuvalphonelco.gq *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Official histories of the First. On The Western Front Soldiers' Stories From France and Flanders [ John Laffin] on fuvalphonelco.gq *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. WW1, trade.

A great introductory battlefield tour looking at major battle sites across Belgium, from the Battle of Waterloo to its liberation in Fly into beautiful Malta to discover the wartime history of the island, as a base and hospital in WW1 to being on the front line in WW2. Travel with us to Normandy for the annual commemoration of D-Day with ceremonies at Bayeux and Arromanches. Churchill said it was 'Our Finest Hour': travel with us to discover the story of the Battle of Britain, one of the most iconic episodes of WW2. View all departures 5. Departures: Dec - Dec Join us as we explore the battlefields of Luxembourg and Germany, connected with the Ardennes offensive on this WW2 tour.

Join us as we visit the key battle sites of the Spanish Civil War, often regarded as a dress rehearsal for WW2. Discover the story of Operation Anthropoid as we fly into Prague and visit the key sites of the secret mission to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich. This Eastern Front battlefield tour focuses on operations at Stalingrad, as we visit key locations and WW2 memorials, as well as sites in Moscow. Join us on a tour of the Italian Battlefields. This unique tour studies Richard of York, what happened to him on the battlefield and how his remains were treated after the battle.

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Even regimental histories devote more space to the plans and concepts than to the men used to implement the plans. Tech Developments of World War I. This Day In History. Lyons, Michael J. Griffiths, William R. Yet few know that its roots lay deep beneath the battlefield. Detonation of 19 mines beneath German positions enabled Allied infantry to capture the salient.

Join us as we look at the story of the Pals Battalions who fought and fell on the Somme during WW1, visiting the battlefields and cemeteries. On the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, we attend events and ceremonies in and around Bastogne, including a battlefield re-enactment. Travelling by air, we examine the Peninsular War battles, such as Salamanca, Talavera and Badajoz, in this escorted battlefield tour. Join us for the annual Tanks in Town event in Mons to commemorate the liberation of the city in This tour looks at the crucial battlefields close to Paris, which saw heavy fighting in WW1.

We'll visit many lesser-known battlefield locations.

Western Front - France (1945)

Discover the dark history of the Nazi party before and during WW2 as we visit Munich, Nuremberg, and the Berghof, Hitler's mountain retreat. Visit the haunting Gallipoli battlefields of , located in Turkey, and visit key WW1 sites and memorials on this in-depth tour.

Take this unique tour travelling the length of the Western Front battlefields, from the Belgian coast to the Swiss border. Travel through beautiful Vietnam and discover the dark history of the year Vietnam War, visiting Hue, Hanoi and Saigon.

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Join us as we commemorate Armistice Day in Ypres. Join us on this WW1 experience as we look at the use of tanks by the British. Fly to Italy and join us on a tour of the Italian Battlefields, including Salerno and Anzio, as well as visiting the cemeteries at Monte Cassino. This popular walking tour of Ypres includes a selection of walks looking at operations in Flanders through Take an in-depth look at the real story of the last months of WW2 in the East, the end of Hitler and the Nazi Regime on this Berlin tour.

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This in-depth tour looks into the history of the American Civil War as we visit iconic locations such as Gettysburg, Antietam and Bull Run. Fly into South Africa and follow the story of the Zulu battles and the key events of the Anglo-Boer War on this fascinating tour. Walk with us on the battlefields of Arnhem and Oosterbeek, looking at key locations relating to Airborne Operations here in Join us on a fascinating insight into Nazi Germany's 'secret weapons' of WW2, seeing where they were developed and first launched.

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Well done to all the staff at Leger. View Tour.