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Making paper chains to decorate the primary school Christmas party, where I think I had my first crush, on Janet Smith. What Christmas means to me.

But there was still lots more for all the families to enjoy as we all sat together making paper chains and snowflakes and painting plates on which to leave mince pies and carrots on Christmas Eve. That's why mum has gone to..

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Days before the big event, city streets were so festooned with flags and paper chains that some turned into urban grottoes! If you want to achieve a handmade look for your table setting, task the family to create paper chains from wrapping paper in similar colours to those used throughout the rest of your decorations. Plastic baubles are usually made Q Paper chains If you have made your own paper chains from plain paper and there is no glitter on them, please recycle them. Memory chain — a chain of memories could be used for bereavement or loss. Something the child remembers about the missing person.

Emotions chain — how many emotion words can the child, group or class think of. One on each link.

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Conversation chain — work in a group and choose a topic. Each child that contributes by talking can add a link to a chain. How long can they talk about the topic? Self harm, habits or giving up something — each day you go without the habit you can add a link — so it might be giving up thumb sucking, or giving up sweets.

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Create a paper chain of that many days and take off a link each day. A great visual for a child to see the chain getting smaller. Another suggestion could be counting down until Christmas, birthday or other celebration. Reward chain — good work, effort, etc. A child adds a link and can visually see how much effort they are putting into their work.

Friendship chain — each child writes something nice about a person in the class. That person gets the chain to take home. You could do one child each week. Happiness chain — write all the things that make you feel happy on each link Proud chain — write all the things that make you feel proud on each link. Family chain — each family member puts a link in the chain. Autograph chain — ask each child to get an autograph from someone in the group and then they can link it together to form a circle of friendship.

Benefits of this are when children first work together they can be quite shy and may not know each others names so it encourages them to speak to each other.

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Calming down strategies — each link has a calming down strategy which the child must come up with. I love that I get to hear about all of the kind things and gain a deeper understanding of how each child interprets kindness, and in turn, love. In addition, it teaches gratitude and the importance of stopping to recognize others. It looks cute and I love the symbolism. How have you encouraged your children to be kind? Would you do a paper chain of kindness? I think my son would enjoy this!

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This would be a fun activity to teach being kind to others like his baby brother haha. This is a wonderful hands-on way to teach kindness to children. I like how this is a positive reinforcer and takes the focus off what the kid is doing wrong. I will use this in my practice.

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What a great idea! Every month our family learns about a different religion and this month is Buddhism, this will go perfectly with our crafts!

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Mar 29, How to Make a Paper Chain. A paper chain is an easy, mostly mess-free art project. You can hang paper chains as festive party decorations. Jul 12, Explore helenbortz's board "Paper Chains", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Garlands, Bricolage and Paper garlands.