Reflective Practice in the Early Years

Reflective Practice in the Early Years
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The Benefits of Reflecting On Practice 6. The Barriers to Reflective Practice 7.

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If you have been through any kind of teacher training then you'll have heard of “​Reflective Practice.” There is great emphasis on reflective. Request PDF | Developing Reflective Practice in the Early Years | Reflective practice is a vital aspect of working with young children and enables a deeper.

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Bringing reflective practice to life in your service

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In addition to a study on the development process of working practices, the university conducts other research related to the themes of development in the project. It is important to strike a balance, you can easily carry on with what is important for work, what you enjoy doing for leisure time and still create time for reflection. My Pedagogy is that I want to instill a love of lifelong learning and motivation. Sharing experiences and reviewing them critically requires trust between group members. Now that we have a calendar and identified goals we can begin to manage the implementation of it all.

Free ebooks can be downloaded at checkout; library membership details will be sent to you via email. To understand how to meet this expectation, an understanding of the term reflective practice is necessary.

From an early learning perspective, professional practice includes a process of making sense of a situation, figuring out what is really happening, and making adjustments to how you practise. To do this, you need to reflect on, critically examine, and reformulate your ideas and practices, and at times shift your philosophical orientation.

This cycle of professional practice from Dietze and Kashin illustrates the ongoing reflective process. Throughout this project with leaders from Upper Canada Child Care we have experienced these above mentioned aspects of the reflective process. During the workshops and the on-site visits we were invited to rethink practice as we encountered some professional challenges.

Developing Early Years Practice through Reflection by Dr. Sheila Garrity

We are in the midst of redefining some practices and making plans for action. The concepts underlying reflective practice go back to earlier in the 20 th century. Kennedy explains that reflective practice can be undertaken by an individual or a group and practised in the moment or afterwards, with time taken to think about an event or aspect of practice. From The Spoke, a newsletter from Australia reflective practice means:.

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This type of practice is critical reflection as it involves thinking deeply and critically. According to Moss the concept of reflective practice is about a rigorous process of meaning making.

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Moss, , p. More often it involves reflection in relationship with others. Finding this SlideShare on reflective practice with this slide has been helpful. It is our vision that the work that we are doing in relationship with others will continue and that we might spark the growth of communities of practice within the organization. We hope that there will be continued reflection especially as it relates to some big ideas in early learning that are prevalent today.

These big ideas together create the bigger picture in early learning. We need to see the bigger picture in order to be reflective and relevant.

Put simply... Effective Reflective Practice begins with an attitude

Stay tuned for the next post where we tackle some contentious issues as we draw our lines in the sand. The reflective process of drawing our lines in the sand served as a catalyst for collaborative reflective practice. When we think of big ideas and create opportunities for dialogue we can see the bigger picture.

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