Sofa To 5K - Your Guide To Your First 5K

Should You Do Couch to 5K? Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes
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It doesn't explicitly tell you how often to run, so you could train three days in a row or every other day if you wanted to. I decided to run every other day to give myself enough recovery time between each session. I quickly understood why people say the Couch to 5K program is perfect for anyone who is not used to exercise, let alone jogging.

The first two weeks of training were practically painless. Week one alternates between eight one-minute jogs and second walking intervals for 30 minutes. Subsequently, week two tacked on an additional 30 seconds to the jogging window while adding a full minute of walking time between each jog. This structure allows a person ample time to catch their breath, which is great if they are totally new to running. It also helps makes the experience less intimidating by easing a person into jogging rather than having them start running immediately.

For people whose current mile time is in the to minute range like myself, this is perfect.

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Personally, I didn't break a sweat a single time during my first two weeks on the program, but it was only going to get harder from there. The treadmill helped me track how fast I was going.

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The week three workouts added a three-minute jog to the end of the mix, which definitely got my blood flowing for the first time. I was pretty out of breath during the final three-minute jog intervals. I also started feeling the burn in my calves. But it wasn't until the fourth week that I felt like I was really experiencing a serious workout. The sessions started incorporating a mix of three-minute and five-minute jogging intervals for 31 minutes. I found myself losing my breath quite a bit, so I had to slow my running speed in order to comfortably finish the workout. During this time I also trained a lot on the treadmill because a severe storm passed through my area.

As a result, I used the incline and speeds features to give myself a little extra challenge. The cool thing about using the treadmill for the program is you can actually see how fast you're moving. For the days I trained indoors, I set my treadmill at an incline and walked at 4 miles per hour during my session. Whenever it was time to run, I felt most comfortable sustaining a jog of 5. I struggled through week five. Despite my confidence, I was not prepared for week five. The workouts doubled in intensity by lengthening all the jogging windows to eight minutes long.

I actually pressed the pause button during the first workout for this week because I felt like my chest was going to explode four minutes into the second jogging interval. But I still pushed through. By the third day, I noticed a massive change.


Unlike week three, I was able to stay running for much longer without running out of breath. To keep myself motivated, I tried to strategically time all the songs in my playlists to match the feel of the intervals. The training sessions on Couch to 5K are consistently set to a specific length of time throughout the duration of the program. The first week features minute workouts and the second week only adds one minute to the training. The third week drops to minute sessions.

The biggest drawback with this is once that timed session is over, so are those intervals. And so is the trainer. They hit you with a ceremonial "Great Job! Since you can't shorten the cooldown time or lengthen the overall work out to push it back, it can be kind of annoying. I was impressed with my progress.

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My final stats may not be that impressive to a seasoned runner, but for me, they were a huge improvement. If the Couch to 5k program was all about the 5K itself, then it wouldn't be concerned with time. In that case, I could have easily logged multiple 5Ks into my app — they just would have taken over 45 minutes. But the thing about the program is it's not exclusively about being able to run a 5k. It's a program that motivates people to become active and make exercise a regular part of their lives.

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The workout time limits exist to set a standard that is achievable for new runners. It's what you do within that time limit that matters. In other words, it's a regiment with an underlying system like most other exercise programs: You get whatever you give. The Couch to 5K is a running guide, aimed for those starting out with running; someone who was new to running himself created it, Josh Clark.

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Buy Sofa To 5K - Your Guide To Your First 5K: Read 3 Kindle Store Reviews - WebMD discusses how to follow a training program to go from your couch to a 5k in run in training for her first 5K may propel her on the road to lifetime fitness. . "My advice for beginners is they not go longer than about

Josh wanted to help his mum get up from the sofa and to start running too. The guide involves going out for 3 runs a week as well as having a rest day in-between each running day. Over the course of the 10 weeks there is a different plan for each of the weeks. How does it work?

One of the tricky things when starting with the Couch to 5K is figuring out how to start and where to start!

A Doable Guide to Your First 5K: Your Top 5 Questions Answered

We often can make the mistake of doing too much at once and then give up straight away as we feel a little sore and uncomfortable. The Couch to 5K is a gentler introduction into exercise and uses a combination of walking and running. The combination is to work towards increasing your fitness and your stamina.

An example: in week 1 you would just run for a minute at a time. This is a more realistic goal and can be more easily achieved than starting with 5 minutes of running in week 1. Who can do the Couch to 5K? The Couch to 5K is suitable for everybody — even those of you have never run before. It is a great exercise plan for those of you who want to get a bit more active. If you unsure as to whether you are in good health to be taking part in the programme, it is worth contacting your GP first to discuss.

Why should I do the Couch to 5K? The Couch to 5K has a huge number of positives. To start with, quite simply, it improves your general and physical health. Running is also a very cheap and accessible activity. You do not need to spend a fortune on a whole load of equipment but a good sturdy pair of running shoes is important and will make you feel more comfortable when running.

You can also help to maintain a healthy weight and even shed a few excess pounds. This must be done alongside a healthy diet though!