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Unputdownable: 17 books I read in 24 hours or less (because they were just that good)
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This is what keeps Bobbi Lee Yandro up at night. After receiving the journals of her deceased father, Bobbi begins to see a change. Troy Horan has learned to make the best with what he has. After being forcibly relocated to the planet of Korwar when his home planet was made into a military base, he learns a very important and mysterious truth: He has the power to communicate with the animals from Terran.

Soon, a murder causes Troy and his newfound animal friends to retreat to the Wild and confront the dark and ancient history of his new home planet.

The 10 Most Powerful Witches and Wizards in Harry Potter

Being a teenager is hard enough, but going through it at the same time as your sisters adds a whole new layer of trouble. But life in Ruwenda is anything but normal. Protected by the Archimage Binah, the land is safe for all. The sisters must quickly learn and master their new powers for the sake of their people. Soon, they are separated and must travel on different roads to do their part in saving their kingdom, their friends, and their future.

The first book in a magically thrilling series, this is a story of sisterhood, family, and a quest not to be missed. In addition to figuring out what her gift is really meant for, Daisy still has to deal with normal high school antics—including figuring out her feelings for the very attractive Kevin. For young people, 'normal' is a somewhat relative term. When Jimmy Coates wakes up one morning to find that he can jump higher, run faster, and fight more skillfully than ever before, he knows that his 'normal' has changed forever.

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If Jimmy wants to survive, he'll have to learn to master his newfound powers. As a Red, you live to serve Silvers. When Mare, a Red, somehow manages to find herself in front of the Silver court, she realizes that she, too, has a magical ability—something both baffling and alarming to the Silvers. But with a Red resistance rising, Mare will have to decide where her loyalties lie. There are times when young adults feel powerless, without agency, without a future.

But all that changes when she reveals a dormant power and is to be trained to join the Grisha—a magical special forces unit tasked with defending the kingdom from what lies past the Shadow Fold. The first in a stunningly creative series, Anita will be forced to grow up fast and learn how to harness her new powers. Not only is she the heroine of her own story, but that of an entire realm of people. No pressure though, right? How many people do you know, including yourself, who quote the story of The Boy Who Lived? Or anxiously awaited their acceptance letter to Hogwarts? The true magic of this series is in the universality of Harry's struggles.

Over the seven fantastical books, J. But Daleina, a rather bookish and observant student, knows how important real responsibility is to the adults around her. She understands that the battle between the spirits and humans is coming to a head and that something must be done to end the conflict. In the world of Renthia, the queen alone possesses the power to prevent the spirits from destroying her people. But with great power comes danger, which is why young women are chosen to train as heirs…in case the worst happens.

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From the award-winning author of the Temeraire novels comes a standalone book about a young woman determined to save her village and friends at whatever the cost. But she also knows that her beautiful best friend, Kasia, is likely to be picked for this terrible duty, as the Dragon always chooses the prettiest girl. The island of Fennibirn has a special tradition: Every generation, triplet queens are born.

But these sisters are no ordinary rulers. Teenagers have enough things on their mind without the ability to see different possible outcomes of the future, like Addison Coleman does. Imagine knowing what the future could hold? This post is sponsored by Open Road Media. To all the lounge witches out there, you are no less a witch for working this way.

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I know, I am a little behind on this one. Would these books be good for a 16yo? One of my favourites however is Robin Hobb, I would urge anyone whose is looking for a great read to consider these. Swearing to protect his people, Connavar embarks on a quest that will take him into the heart of the enemy. Jake Bishop October 9, Empire could have gone on there, I think it is the best of the Feist trilogies, but which series would you replace? A warrior with nothing to fight for is paired with a thieving assassin with nothing to lose.

Luciferians are avid supporters of the arts, science, and the natural world. With her husband, she went on to develop a magickal system which they delivered via a correspondence course. A Lunar witch bases her workings around the lunar cycles. Not only that, she takes the phases of the moon into account when making any major decisions and organizing her life.

She may well create her magickal ingredients and potions according to the moon, as well as when planting seeds and seedlings. She is always aware of where the moon is in its monthly and Like the art witch, the musical witch expresses her pagan feelings and ideas through her music. Witchcraft of the Norse tradition has a complex history based on a vast ocean of mythology. It was primarily associated with two main Nordic deities: Odin and Freya. Satanic witchcraft came into being as a reaction to historical accusations of witches cohorting with the Devil. Its roots are in America, but with the advent of the internet, the movement has spread worldwide.

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Satanic witchcraft is a cult of defiance against the constructs of a dictatorial society. If you are for something, your average satanic witch will be against it. They hold that no person can have authority over another without their consent. Each of the above tenets is a guiding principal designed to inspire nobility and honor.

Fair enough. Witchcraft is big in Scandinavia. Scandinavian witches are very diverse and they keep their practice secret. She also estimates that one in every four witches is a man. Scandinavian witchcraft takes elements from many other traditions, including, of course, the Norse tradition.

Sea witches are usually to be found living near the coast, surprise, surprise. They make use of their surroundings, often working their magick late at night in a secluded cove. They are always in tune with the tides and moon cycles. They closely aligned with water witches; those who practice near rivers, streams, and lakes.

Originally, sea witches were portrayed as magickal beings who appeared on ships or as humans with the ability to control the sea and weather conditions. Sailors went to great pains to avoid offending them. Secular witchcraft is an interesting animal. It refers to a witch who does not call upon, work with, or worship deities in her witchcraft practice. Yet a secular witch does make use of energy, and energy is the force that binds the universe together. Me too. Shaman is a term for a magician who works magick by deliberately entering an altered state of consciousness. Shamans and shamanism are found all over the world in the ethnic religions of many peoples.

The word is a western construct. Each tribe or society will have a different name for their personal shaman. Ah… this is me, or part of my witchcraft practice at least.

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I have a fascination with words and their influence. I also love the magical power of sigils.

And as a lazy eclectic, sigils are perfect for my modus operandi. A word witch weaves his or her magick into words. We know that merely writing things down can cause changes in ourselves and in the universe. We can bring our desired outcome merely by writing it down, putting some energy into it and then assuming, without doubt, that it will happen. Thus we are very, very careful how we craft our magickal words.

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A solitary witch is one who works alone. They may keep their witchiness a secret. They believe they can raise more power and do more good relying on their own ability to channel energy. A solitary may also be any of the witch types described on this page. So a Kitchen witch may be solitary. A Wiccan might be a solitary. After which, they may morph into a green witch and, on the way home, find themselves communing with a bush, thus transforming into a hedge witch.

Let's hope they have a good friend who can provide them with a hangover remedy in the morning.


It is still sold in huge numbers and really, every witch should have a copy on her bookshelf or on her Kindle device. This book is a foundational practice for many a Wiccan, the world over. Seek wisdom in books, rare manuscripts, and cryptic poems if you will, but seek it out also in simple stones, and fragile herbs, and in the cries of wild birds. Listen to the whisperings of the wind and the roar of water if you would discover magic, for it is here that the old secrets are preserved.

Stregheria, or Strega, is an Italian form of witchcraft. It has a lot in common with Wicca. In recent years, Strega has been given prominence by the writer, Raven Grimassi. However, not all practitioners agree on its format, and there seems to be a lot of rivalry between various factions. Acceptance of all seems paramount to me. Stregheria was first brought to the attention of modern pagans in the s by Italian-American Leo Martello.