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In a precedent-setting ruling, the Krayot Family Court in northern Israel recently ruled that the sperm of a deceased man could be used posthumously, despite his request that it be destroyed, Channel 12 reported on Sunday night.


The man, a countertenor singer, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer some eight years ago and died despite treatments. Prior to starting chemotherapy he froze some of his sperm, a common practice to preserve the quality of the seed. She then discovered it was about to be destroyed, as the man had signed a clause to that effect in the event of his death. We are all eager to start the surrogacy process. The Times of Israel covers one of the most complicated, and contentious, parts of the world.

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In , Israeli Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein published several guidelines outlining the legal situation of posthumous sperm retrieval for the purpose of later insemination by a surviving female partner. The guidelines specified firstly that only requests by a partner married or otherwise of the deceased would be honoured — requests by other members of the donor's family would be flatly denied.

While extraction of the sperm was guaranteed following a request by the partner, permission to use the sperm was to be determined case by case, a court of law deciding on the basis of the effect on the presumed wishes of the donor, and the effect of the procedure on the donor's dignity.

If it could be demonstrated that the deceased took definite steps towards parenthood implied consent , use of extracted sperm by the female partner would generally be permitted.

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When Elliot Stilling killed himself, he thought his troubles were over. Then the ER doctors revived him. It's infatuation at first sight when he meets his nurse, Felicia Vogan, a lost soul with a "weakness for sad sacks and losers.". Jake Hinkson is the author of several books—including the novels Hell On Church Street, The Posthumous Man and The Big Ugly, the short story collection The.

Many other countries, including Belgium and the United States , [6] have no specific legislation regarding the rights of men on gamete donation following their death, leaving the decision in the hands of individual clinics and hospitals. As such, many medical institutions in such countries institute in-house policies regarding circumstances in which the procedure would be performed.

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There are several ethical issues surrounding the extraction and use of gametes from cadavers or patients in a persistent vegetative state. The most debated are those concerning religion, consent, and the rights of the surviving partner and child if the procedure results in a birth. A number of major religions view posthumous sperm retrieval in a negative light, including Roman Catholicism [12] and Judaism.

Judaic strictures are based on the halakhic prohibition on deriving personal benefit from a corpse, and in the case of those in a persistent vegetative state, their categorisation as gosses dying person prohibits anyone from touching or moving them for anything that does not relate to their immediate care. Consent of the donor is a further ethical barrier. Even in jurisdictions where implicit consent is not required, there are occasions in which clinicians have refused to perform the procedure on these grounds.

Sperm retrieval is rarely carried out if there is evidence that the deceased clearly objected to the procedure prior to his death. Finally, if the procedure is performed and results in a birth, there are several issues involving the legal rights of the child and its mother.

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Jean Cocteau Quotes. He may have resigned himself from ever finding redemption, but he does believe in the goodness of others, chiefly Felicia. Ethical and legal considerations Is it ethical to retrieve sperm from a dead person? I liked pretty much everything else about this book too -- setup, pace, characters -- except I did find the ending a bit abrupt. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Because posthumous insemination can take place months or even years after the father's death, it can in some cases be difficult to prove the paternity of the child. As such, inheritance and even the legal rights of the child to marry due to the possibility of consanguinity between partners can be affected.

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For this reason, several countries, including Israel and the United Kingdom , impose a maximum term for the use of extracted sperm, after which the father will not be legally recognised on the child's birth certificate. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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