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Nicola Barker, The Cauliflower , about the nineteenth-century spiritual leader Sri Ramakrishna, from the perspective of the long-suffering nephew who takes care of the practical necessities of his life.

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Review at The Guardian. Kunal Basu, The Opium Clerk , about an Indian man who finds a job at a Calcutta auction house where he becomes involved in a mysterious business which turns out to be the opium trade. Sangeeta Bhargava, The World Beyond , about an Indian prince and an Englishwoman who fall in love in Lucknow just before a mutiny becomes a rebellion against colonial rule. Pearl S. Buck, Mandala , about a love affair between an Indian man and an American woman during the early years of independence.

David Davidar, The House of Blue Mangoes , about three generations of a family who raise mangoes in a coastal village. Forster, A Passage to India , about the tragic misunderstandings that result after a British woman visits the Malabar Caves. Amitav Ghosh, Sea of Poppies , about the diverse group of passengers aboard a ship on its way from India to China as the Opium Wars are about to begin; 1 in the Ibis trilogy.

Amitav Ghosh, River of Smoke , about an Indian opium merchant and his fellow passengers on a ship traveling from India to China; 2 in the Ibis trilogy. Katharine Gordon, The Emerald Peacock , historical romance about the love between an Indian prince and a young Irish woman during the Mutiny; 1 in the Peacock series. Katharine Gordon, Peacock in Flight , historical romance; 2 in the Peacock series. Katharine Gordon, Peacock in Jeopardy , historical romance; 5 in the Peacock series. Gulzar, Two , about a group of ordinary village people who head for the border in a truck in when India is partitioned and the state of Pakistan created.

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Linda Holeman, In a Far Country , about the daughter of British missionaries in India who seeks out the son of her mother's ayah when tragedy strikes, but learns he is not the kind of man she thought he was. Sudhir Kakar, The Seeker , about the friendship between Mahatma Gandhi and the daughter of a British admiral who becomes his adoring disciple. Ratan Kaul, Wings Of Freedom , about a romance between an Indian college student and the daughter of a British officer in the early years of the independence movement; self-published. Kaye, The Far Pavilions , about a boy born in India of English parentage who falls in love with a half-caste Hindu princess.

Kaye, The Shadow of the Moon , revised , about an Anglo-Spanish woman born in India who returns to marry a British government official just before the Sepoy Rebellion. Hari Kunzru, The Impressionist , about a half-English, half-Indian boy who grows up in luxury near the Taj Mahal until, at fifteen, his true parentage is discovered and he is thrown out to fend for himself.

David Leavitt, The Indian Clerk , about an accounts clerk in India who is a mathematical genius and the Cambridge mathematician who receives his rambling letter in and takes him seriously; based on the true story of G. Hardy and Srinivasa Ramanujan.

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Sarita Mandanna, Tiger Hills , about a girl and a boy in late nineteenth-century India whose childhood friendship is complicated when he develops feelings for her as she falls in love with a man who hunts tigers. Sujata Massey, The Sleeping Dictionary , about a Bengali girl, the only survivor of a wave that destroys her coastal village, who creates a new life for herself in Calcutta, where she uses her gift for languages to fight for independence from the British and for a chance at happiness. John Masters, The Deceivers , about a British officer who investigates a murderous thuggee cult which worships the goddess Kali.

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John Masters, The Lotus and the Wind , about a British officer recruited to serve as a spy in the "Great Game," the rivalry between Britain and Russia for political power along the India-Afghanistan border in the nineteenth century. John Masters, Bhowani Junction , about the identity crisis of a young Anglo-Indian woman on the eve of British withdrawal from India in Elisabeth McNeill, The Lady of Cawnpore , about a woman who witnesses her sister's murder in the aftermath of the Cawnpore massacre and a British woman doctor who, six decades later in , discovers she shares a surprising history with the old woman she meets in the slums of Cawnpore.

Gita Mehta, Raj , about a princess who finds herself ill-prepared for the changing times as the British gain control of her country's government. Shona Patel, Teatime for the Firefly , about a young woman with an inauspicious horoscope who has, against the odds, married the man she loves and moved with him to the jungles of Assam, a tea-growing area, in Lucinda Riley, The Midnight Rose , about a present-day American actress and the woman she resembles, a girl in early twentieth-century India who traveled to England in the s as the companion to a princess.

Anuradha Roy, All the Lives We Never Lived , about a boy whose free-spirited artist mother abandons him during WWII, and his present-day efforts, after he grows old, to find out what happened to her. Salman Rushdie, Midnight's Children , magical realism about two boys born at exactly midnight on the day the country won its independence. Paul Scott, The Jewel in the Crown , about the events that follow the rape of a young Englishwoman during the last years of the Colonial period; 1 in the Raj Quartet.

Paul Scott, The Day of the Scorpion , about the arrest of the Indian Congress leaders and the unrest during the last years of the Colonial period; 2 in the Raj Quartet.


First Name. A really enjoyable read. Her chosen subject was disinheritance. Maya is a temple dancer—a Hindi slave who dances for the goddess. Current Issue November Gold Fever!

Carolyn Slaughter, A Black Englishman , about a love affair between an Englishwoman and an Indian doctor in the s. Indu Sundaresan, The Mountain of Light , about the nineteenth-century maharaja Ranjit Singh, owner of the massive Mountain of Light diamond, and his son, who follows the diamond to England after England claims it as a spoil of war. Manil Suri, The Age of Shiva , about a woman's intense bond with her son amid the turmoil of partition-era India.

Rabindranath Tagore, Gora , about an Irish child taken in by a Hindu family in Bengal and raised as an orthodox Brahmin during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Nilita Vachani, Homespun , a family saga about a couple who marry as teenagers in the early twentieth century - he committed to Gandhi, she to her wardrobe — and their descendants. Padma Viswanathan, The Toss of a Lemon , about a woman married in childhood to an astrologer who is drawn to her despite an ominous prediction, and their children. Richard Zimler, Guardian of the Dawn , about a young man in late sixteenth century Portuguese Goa who is descended from a family of Portuguese Jews, and his quest for revenge after he is betrayed to the Inquisition and tortured.

Abir Mukherjee, A Rising Man , about a British colonial police captain and the native sergeant who assists him in investigating the murder of a British official in Calcutta in , amid tensions between the British and the independence movement; 1 in the Wyndham and Banerjee mystery series.

Abir Mukherjee, A Necessary Evil , about a British colonial police captain and the native sergeant who assists him in investigating the murder of the heir to the throne of a small principality still independent of British rule; 2 in the Wyndham and Banerjee mystery series. Abir Mukherjee, Smoke and Ashes , about a British colonial police captain who hides his discovery of a corpse while he is fleeing an opium den, and the native sergeant who assists him in investigating a subsequent murder, amid the movement for Indian independence; 3 in the Wyndham and Banerjee mystery series.

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Cooper, River of Ink , about a court poet in thirteenth-century Sri Lanka who uses his role to encourage a revolution after a cruel mainland prince usurps the throne. Amitav Ghosh, The Glass Palace , about a Burmese servant boy who takes advantage of an opportunity to create a better life for himself during the British invasion of Rani Manicka, The Japanese Lover , about a Ceylonese mail-order bride sent to marry a wealthy Malayan businessman in the years before World War II, who threatens to refuse her because she is not the woman in the photograph her father sent.

Daniel Mason, The Piano Tuner , about a piano tuner dispatched to Burma in to restore a British official's piano damaged by the steamy climate. George Orwell, Burmese Days , a satirical novel about British imperialism set in a fictional district of Burma before World War II; based on Orwell's own experiences in Burma, so not actually historical fiction. David Rocklin, The Luminist , about an English woman in Ceylon who defies convention to work as a photographer and forms a forbidden friendship with her fifteen-year-old Tamil servant boy.

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is the first volume of John Speed's. The Temple Dancer book. Read 67 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. India, When Maya, a graceful, young temple dancer with a m.

Shyam Selvadurai, Cinnamon Gardens , about life among the upper classes in Ceylon during the s. Leonard Woolf, The Village in the Jungle , about a native hunter and his daughters in colonial Ceylon.

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The Best of Abida Parveen showcases the undisputed queen of Sufi music, who is as popular in India as in her native Pakistan. The Coke Studio blends the sounds of classic musicians from Rajasthan, Karnataka, and other regions with folk, Western, and other world music. Learn Bharatanatyam , a DVD taught by dancer and choreographer Srekala Bharath, features classical techniques, originally performed by temple dancers and prevalent in southern India today.

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India Food Network has photos, blogs, and recipes for regional Indian dishes. A seemingly endless array of Indian music can be streamed through Saavn.

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The Caravan , a website and monthly print magazine, produces New Yorker -style stories about contemporary politics, culture, and arts. Launched in , Scroll. Chennai native Pavitra Mohan showcases more than modern artists, architects, and designers on Masala Chai. John Keay traverses five millennia of the subcontinent in India: A History , from the ancient Harappan to independence.

Gitanjali is a collection of poems by Rabindranath Tagore, with verses so lyrical they earned him a Nobel Prize in literature.

Siddhartha , by Hermann Hesse, is the timeless story of a young man in ancient India who forsakes everything in the quest for fulfillment. The Ever After of Ashwin Rao by Padma Vishvanathan explores the impacts of emigration and violence in the globalized world of the recent past. In the coffee-table book Falaknuma, Hyderabad , the lavish beauty of Falaknuma Palace is captured through the photographs of Bharath Ramamrutham and archival research of George Michell and Anthony Korner.

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